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San Diego Computer Museum Closes

route66 has donated computers to the San Diego Computer Museum and hopes that it finds the funding it needs. "On Saturday, August 27, 2005, the San Diego Computer Museum will be open from 10:00 am to 4:00 pm to the public for the last time at Coleman College, La Mesa. Everyone is invited to tour the Museum for the last time at its current location, slated to be demolished by the end of the year and redeveloped into residences. The Museum is seeking financial support as well as a tourist-friendly location to house the collection of more than 1,000 large and small computer relics, including hardware, software and printed materials. The Museum, formerly known as the Computer Museum of America, ...

CBC Workers Begin On Broadcast

I seem to be very encouraged when someone turns things around 180-degrees and makes something new.

Here is a great example - "CBC Workers To Launch Own Network"!  While I am not a big union guy, I think in this case the union is become extremely entrepreneurial.  They could be bigger than the people who have locked them out.

The media world is definitely changing.  The dinosaurs don't even know they are dead yet.

Apple Store for Federal Employee's Isn't Working

I finally get enough guts up to order a iBook via the Apple Federal Discount Employee program and it is offline. I get the error "Unable to enter the requested store." :-( Bummer ...

I am 99% sure I am going to be a two laptop person for the near future.  Trying to balance utilizing my work and personal computers while on travel is causing an "internal" conflict of interest.  Plus, it will be a good experiment on the Podcasting side.

Safely Home In San Diego

I made it on the Atlanta flight.  I think I got the last seat available. Amazingly cool!

It did make for a long day of work and travel.  I was up at 6:30 am (EDT) on Thursday.  I went for a run and then had breakfast and then worked until 2 p.m. (EDT) ... which is when I left for the airport.

It is now 12:45 AM (PDT) and I'm off to bed.  I am glad tomorrow is an Off-Friday! :-)

Stuck in Atlanta?

I am writing this from Atlanta ... the flight from DC via Ronald Reagan National Airport was delayed 2+ hours because of weather in Atlanta, and I missed my connection to San Diego by minutes (I could see the plane still at the gate but the gate was "CLOSED")!   I think that means my seat was probably given away to some other stand-by passenger.

Anyway ... I am on the stand-by list for the last fight out of Atlanta to San Diego.  I don't think my odds are too good because I have very little miles with Delta.  But I do have a full fare Y ticket thanks to the U.S. Gov. 

I do have a flight confirmed for tomorrow ... First Class (Delta trying to make up for missing my flight?) ... but I'd much rather get home.

Having the EVDO and Google Maps is great.  I think I have a hotel lined up if I need it.

Well ... back to waiting and praying I get on this flight ...

EVDO Is Working Now

I got an email from someone who wishes to remain anonymous who saw either my previous blog posts or my posts about my EVDO woes.

He suggested tunning off some Bluetooth ports and trying again.  Sure enough he was right, it does appear to be a COMM port issue.  Best of all, now the EVDO is working on the Toshiba Tecra M4 that I have with the 5220 card.

Meanwhile, I have gotten two cards sent to me by Verizon to try out because we were pretty sure in our troubleshooting testing that it was the 5220 causing the problems.  The new cards are suppose to be the: KPC650 and the PC5740.

Made it to DC

Whew ... made it safe and sound to DC.  I looks like rain but I'm going to go for a run anyway.

UPDATE: It did rain on the run.  I got a little wet but I am not sure if it was the rain or the humidity? :-)  Time for a shower and dinner

What Is In My Ear - Podcast Love

I can't get enough podcasts ... here are some thoughts on some of the recent ones that have infected my ears ...

Dan Klass is very funny, and I need to laugh more.  I think I need a joke of the day or something, but I'll take The Bitterest Pill when it comes out.  Finish the darn book please ...

Speaking about the darn book ... Reel Reviews is also amazingly good audio listening.  Every movie I have watched because of Michael's recommendation has been excellent.

Morning Stories by WGBH is classic quality public radio with stories that will make you think.

Not too sure you can get motivated to work out?  Then listen to Endurance Radio's interview with Brian Gatens.  Amazing!

Dan Bricklin's Software Licensing Podcast recent two podcasts - one interviewing the CEO of mySQL and the other with Tim O'Reilly were both full of cutting edge ideas in the ares of technology, business, and legal.  Also Denise Howell at Bag and Baggage podcast has some great ideas on technologies applied to the legal profession.  If all lawyers were like Denise, we probably would have to do away with lawyer jokes. ;-)

If you want to make money and spend your money on marketing wisely in this  "Internet economy" you gotta listen to the Church of the Customer.   Also Craig Patchett's Behind the Scenes has been covering some great podcastings tips related to promotion.

New music? Dave Slusher at Evil Genius Chronicles has been playing some great stuff lately.  And even Network World's Jason Meserve got into the music business recently with a great interview with John Roulat from the band Forever Einstein.

Whew ... with all this in your head you might need "nothing" so check out Jimmy Jett.  A very good, short podcast about nothing in particular ...  just good old fashion entertainment.

And I haven't even started with technology podcasts ... just go here: ... you should find something from the 57 members. "If it is tech, its here" might be our buzz phrase but frankly it is also true.