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Sound "Cancelling" Headphones

If you are a long term reader of this blog, you might remember that I got some Bose noise canceling headphones ($300) last year I think for my birthday, but they were stolen on our cruise in October.  I really liked them.

I went out and got a pair of Koss ($70) replacements.  And they work pretty well for the price.  But they don't travel well. The Bose aren't great for travel either.

So ... I am trying out Sony's MDR-NC11s (~$150, 30-day return policy at Sony Stores).

They were pretty good on the last trip.  I did figure out one thing that my left ear is slightly bigger than my right ear, so I have a large bud on the left hand side and a medium bud on the right hand side.

I did notice though that on the smaller Brasilia Emb120 prop plane that they didn't work as well as on a "big" jet.

In my lab at work where there is a lot of background white noise from fans and such, they work pretty well ... especially if you are playing music or podcasts through the headphones.

Reminder #1: Feedburner Enclosures

The last Tech Rag Tear Outs (published last Friday) podcast had a link to a PDF in the show notes.  This caused Feedburner to make the enclosure tag for the PDF and not the podcast MP3 because it seems to take the first file and do that one.

So ... podcatcher clients got the PDF and not the MP3.  Bummer!

Reminder to self ... don't put other file pointers in my show notes ... urgh ...

Is this a fixable thing in Feedburner? Not with the current configs it isn't.  I guess there is a way to tag what you want to be the enclosure, but that sort of defeats one of the key reasons on why I am using Feedburner.  It makes all that XML/RSS stuff that I was hand coding because of limitations in TypePad go away.

Anyway ... maybe it will be a feature in a future release.  At least I recommended that on their forums ...

Problems with Tecra M4 and PC Cards (Verizon 5220)?

Posted to Tablet PC Buzz ...

In the process of upgrading my new Tecra M4 from my HP TC1100 ... I inserted in my Verizon PC Card 5220 with the latest drivers and I get an error on the Tecra M4 that the USB device can not be recognized.

I'd think that the PC Card should come up in WinXP via the PC Card interface but that isn't happening.

When I see the "unrecognized" USB device in the system manager and try to assign a driver to it from the Verizon 5220 software distribution, they come up not compatible.

Anyone have any clues?



Dave Winer's Outliner

I have gotten a query on whether or not I was testing out Dave's new Frontier Kernel based outliner.  Here is his request for help.

I did not get back a response, so I am assuming that he got more than 30 beta testers.  So I am not testing it out right now.

I am a little bummed but I was on travel and didn't get caught up on all my reading in time to be timely.

Maybe during the next round.  I am interesting in writing some help guides like I did for the Kernel release of Frontier (pdf).

BTW ... I am a big Frontier fan, especially the outlining.  I even used it for my Master's Thesis from a programming perspective.  The combo of "scripting, database, and web-application" is very powerful.

Podcasting 101 Thoughts

I consistently get one or two messages a week about my mobile podcasting setup.  The reference post was in April 2005.  The setup is working pretty good IMHO. 

But I get so little feedback from listeners of Tech News Radio I am not completely sure.  I am guessing that no feedback either means no one is listening (which I know is not true because a lot of people are still downloading) or people are happy.

Anyway ... there is also a handy list of other people's podcast setup configurations via this post back in January 2005.

All this above info is great, but I just got a copy of Todd Cochrane's "Podcasting: Do It Yourself Guide" book and I am pretty impressed.  It seems like a great resource for anyone considering doing their own podcast.

Air Travel Fun

My flight for work to DC was interesting.  We boarded on time, and we got to the #2 spot for take off before there was a "calculation" problem.

It seems like the the baggage loaders and the pilots didn't quite figure out how many bags and what weight was in the forward compartment.  Must be a check list thing.

Anyway ... we had to go back to the gate, have someone move a bunch of bags, and then add some more fuel because we were using fuel getting the bags moved, and then we got to leave 2+ hours late.

Nice ...

Tablet PC Update - Switching to Toshiba

I finally got my Toshiba Tecra M4 Tablet PC replacement for my HP TC1100. This will be my new primary work system. I really like the TC1100 but after getting use to a wide screen using the Compaq nw8000 during my recent hard drive woes, I needed to make a change.  Plus the processor upgrade is going to be very noticable.

The smart thing I did today was not leave with the M4 on travel until it was properly setup.  It was very tempting though.  But I wouldn't be typing this or doing a podcast tonight if I had a raw, non-configured system.  Maybe next week.

Eric Mack has the same unit and noted in his blog/podcasts that the unit is full of other vendor software.  It is better to say the unit is "infected" ... my first attempt at getting AOL uninstalled failed. :-(

Come on Toshiba ... serious IT pros do not need this stuff on their machine.  It makes me seriously consider how much I want to recommend something like this to another pro.  We just don't have time for it.