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Thinking About Idea Processing

Dave Winer has been occasionally talking about this theme in several of his podcasts.  Most recently (I just listened to it on a much needed run):

4/26/2005: A new Morning Coffee Notes podcast on idea processing software and how it relates to production software. Just some of the thinking behind the OPML editor that I'm working on.

Another good one was an interview he did with his father (it is cool he has this opportunity, I have very little stuff like this from my dad who passed away in 1993):

3/29/2005: This morning I did an interview with my father, Leon Winer, about outlining and other topics. It's the podcast for the day, probably the last of March 2005.

I am all about processing ideas beyond what Dave characterizes as production tools. I like to do that via outlines and sometimes I do that using a bunch of different tools: TextPad, straight HTML using FrontPage, TypePad, Outlook with PocketThinker, PowerPoint, OneNote, Project, MindMap, Word, Excel, my file system, and probably a couple of others (I was using Frontier Kernel Win32 release but it is buggy IMHO).

Being all over the place is a problem at times.  But it all comes together for me in my file structure or links back into Outlook.  So it works.  But I always think it could work better.



the segment in this 'tool' domain I've been working on is personal habits and archetypical behaviors

some people are drawn to tools to solve their personal struggle to 'organizize' and be more productive

other people have a certain practice in applying basic systems (like you mention, your file system) and can reach a good level of effectiveness

in other situations I've come accross people who like to 'get on top' of technology, by getting the most complex systems and gadgets to integrate, sync, .., etc.

the best thing would be software which can judge by the messy-ness in the file system, usage of programs and mouse move / click behavior what kind of benefit the system expects to provide in certain areas


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