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Personal Podcast - Making Pancakes On Saturday Morning

I have been wanting to do some personal podcast projects not related to TechNewsRadio since before TechNewsRadio, but I just haven't found the time. 

Here is one that I did in Jan05.

I have about a dozen of them in the "can" so to speak but I haven't had time to do some minor editing. 

I am calling them Random Reflections Distributed Digitally (R2D2).  If you didn't know, I am a huge R2D2 fan, and figure this is just one way to pay that little droid some credit. ;-)

If you like pancakes, you'll want to listen and get the details on how to make my signature pancakes.  Others include a great deal of family stuff: playing with the kids, reading them stories, etc.  You can subscribe via:

Cameron wants to get his podcast into Apple's iTunes

I guessing with all the recent Apple news about podcasting, Robert gets permission to admit that Microsoft has a podcasting team (not that that is a real surprise):

[Scobleizer: Microsoft Geek Blogger]: Cameron Reilly asks "how do we get into the next iTunes?" I don't know anyone on Apple's iTunes team, but I will pass this to our podcasting team. Oh, am I even allowed to admit that we have a podcasting team? Heh, the secret is out.

New 3 x 5 Card Template For Data Capture and Reference

One of the primary ways I have been capturing data into "my system" is using 3 x 5 index cards (sort of Hipster style) and then inputting them if needed into my Moleskine

This is because I've found that a lot of actions I have been grabbing by 3 x 5 cards are done within 24 hours, and then I'd have a lot of not so useful information in my Moleskine if everything went directly in to that.  Plus, I like to take time to write nice into the Moleskine so it is readable, so my 3 x 5 cards can be more scribbles.

So, then during my weekly review I decide if the data that is in my Moleskine or 3 x 5 cards not migrated to Moleskine needs to migrate into Microsoft Outlook where I can get to it digitally on my laptop (HP Compaq nw8000) and/or tablet (HP TC1100); and cellphone/pda (Nokia 6630).  [Do I need a flow chart or does this make any sense?]

I have a standard personal template that I try to use to help keep me focused vice a blank 3 x 5 index card.  Here is a pointer to the Word document template I created to share with others: Download YY_MM-Name_Index_Card.doc (43.5K).  It is my goal to print a new one of these very Sunday before the beginning of the work week.

The basic outline is on side one (entitled "<your name> INDEX CARD"):

  • Weekly Planning
  • To Do List
  • Calendar Reference
  • Future Schedule
  • Contacts

On side two (entitled "Dream, Plan, Organize, Act, Evaluate"):

  • Values
  • Personal Mission
  • Roles
  • Long Range Goals
  • Inspiration
  • Notes/References

It would be great to find a good consistent way to get the DIY Planner stuff to print out on 3 x 5 cards but I haven't had much luck with those.

Also ... all this tinkering has been inspired by 43Folders and Getting Things Done (Getting) by David Allen.  Both are excellent resources.

NOTE: I print my templates out pretty well (ie. with out many errors) using my trusty home HP LaserJet 5MP.  I know other printers could cause problems.  Good luck.

Nokia 6630 Thoughts & News (including a new slate)

I am really becoming attached to my Nokia 6630 (thanks Nokia and eTech).  I have stopped carrying around my iPaq, because when I'm mobile I can get all that info that I was using it for via the 6630. 

Some of the interfaces to Notes and Tasks are pretty simplistic, and their doesn't appear to be a global or localized search function, but I am still learning.  But the sync up to Outlook is really good on Contacts and Calendar.

The other thing I really like is that I can load any MP3 or a sample of a MP3 to the unit and make it a ring tone.  That is nice.

The only issue I have with it right now is that the buttons are a little small for my hands and I make errors plugging in numbers at times when I try to go to fast.

Some news items I need to dig into though could make the device even more useful (the operating system on the phone is Symbian OS):

I also noticed that Nokia has a new "slate" device in the works: "Nokia 770, 4-inch horizontal screen, running Linux, and selling for $350." [computerworld]  It appears to be be geared for mobile data access, but with Linux available it might also make for a good podcaster tool.

Do you know anything about computers?

This question use to make me cringe ... but now I look at it as being an opportunity to be the "smartest" person in the world to the person asking the question.

And usually when that question comes up the asker is in deep trouble.

Two recent examples with older folks are worth highlighting not to toot my horn, but to encourage anyone reading this to not cringe, but to offer their help (I am guess if you are reading this you are able to help) ...

One of our close neighbors who is in his early 70s and worked at Bell Labs on the original transistors (another story - maybe a podcast?), came over a couple of weeks ago and said his computer won't boot anymore.  It was full of spyware and all sorts of nasty stuff.  It could have been the spammer that was sending me all the email I have to weed through.  So, I got his data off ([37-MBs? ;-)], slicked the machine, reloaded his OS, and his main applications.  Got him Firefox, virus protection, anti-spyware, etc.  The system is running great now.  He can chat with his kids, see pictures of his grandson, and manage his retirement fund again without any woes.  He was so happy he bought me a World of Beers 10 pack. Cool!

Another friend (who is also in her 70s) that is part of our church care group, said she has having problems finding the latest pictures of her grandson in her email program.  I asked her why, and she said that the emails show up in the list all over the place and she has to scroll up and down in her inbox to find the new ones.  I smiled, and asked if I could fix that problem for her.  I walked up to Outlook Express and clicked on sort by receive date instead of by title.  Problem fixed!  She smiled, and then served up some fresh apple pie with ice cream.  Yum!

The moral of my story: helping others with your talents = beer + desert! :-)

Update on Podcasting & Audio News

There is a ton of podcast and audio news floating around.  Here is a summary (I hope it is helpful):

Apple Podcast News Coverge:

Other News:

New Podcasts: