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Mobile (Battery Power) Podcast Recording Toolset

I have posted a picture of my "new" portable podcasting setup.

For input I am using: Sony ECM-MS907 microphone; and Samsung YP-T5V MP3 Player for music & audio input. 

Mixer is the: Rolls MX56S.

The output goes into my iRiver iFP-799  player for recording and I can listen to the mixed output using my Koss QZ headphones.

The small mic stand is from Radio Shack.

All of this is battery operated, and with no computer in the loop for the actual recording of the content. ;-) 

Now I have to practice with setting up the levels on the mixer and on the devices.  I also might need to do something slightly different to the microphone input (moving from input port 3 to input port 2).


Comme ca du Japon

I was wondering if you figured out the levels for the mixer as I am looking for doing something similar. Can you record from both the mic and the audio player at the same time (talk over music) ?

Thanks !

Steve Holden

Check out this post: http://sholden.typepad.com/weblog/2005/04/summary_details.html. I think I answered your questions. - Steve

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