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Three Strikes And I'm Out

Today was a Jimmy Jett marathon.  I think I listened to ten shows in a row.  I learned from a show in early April 2005 that I have been doing three things seriously wrong during my podcasts.

To keep your voice "ideal" you should:

  • Not drink alcohol (I frequently will drink a beer during a podcast)
  • Not drink coffee (it has caffeine, I do this consistently during Tech Tidbits Daily)
  • Not drink anything else with caffeine (if I not drinking beer or coffee, I'm drinking Diet Coke)

Ouch ... maybe I should consider a new hobby? Or maybe a bottle of water.

BTW ... Jimmy Jett rocks. If you aren't listening your aren't getting enough of nothing. He is everything good about authentic radio DJs that I use to love during the '80s.

TabletPC Thoughts And Plans

Back on 05.03.09 I blogged about the pain I was suffering related to my TabletPC (the HP TC1100) hard drive failing with no warning.

Then I had a bunch of things to do: go on vacation, attend eTech, take on some new job responsibilities at work, go on work travel, and continue to have a very full schedule since then.

So ... quickly moved over to a Compaq nw8000 laptop that was suppose to be server in a mobile demo presentation system to hold me over until I could get the TC1100 back and running. But I haven't gone back yet to my TC1100, which I think was ready to go back to early last week.

Some reasons why I haven't moved back to the TC1000 is because of some key features I didn't realize I was missing until I started using a mainstream laptop day-to-day:

  • Large screen with 1600 x 1200 resolution
  • Faster processor (it feels 2x)
  • Excellent sound output

But I am also missing from the TC1000 side:

  • Mobile form factor (laptops have nothing on the TC1100 design)
  • Weight (the nw8000 is pretty heavy and almost to big put into my backpack)
  • Pen input (probably the thing I miss the most)

So ... it looks like there is a big need to do a new market survey and see if I can get all this worked out.  Good news is that Microsoft WinHEC is going on and the coverage seems to point to some great new solutions coming out.  Also Eric Mack has done a ton of research recently and published it.

I do have to look a little closer at Michael Hyatt's post "Why I Ditched My TabletPC" post.

Are You Staying At A Boutique?

The San Diego Union-Tribune did an article over the weekend entitled "Going The X-tra mile: As boutique hotels flourish, they are changing how larger chains accommodate free-spending Generation X travelers."

Pretty heavy tech focus, in that GenXers want wireless access and MP3 players with thier leisure hotel stays.  Plus they like to do more leisure lifestyle stuff that "boutique" hotels seem primed to provide them.

Some mentions of some local hotels: Hotel Solamar (operated by Kimpton Hotels) and the "W Chain" (operated by Starwood) plus for the San Diego area there are also: Hotel Parisi (La Jolla), Prava Hotel (downtown), 500 West (downtown), and Tower 23 (Pacific Beach - opening in June). There is also Morgans Hotel in New York, and Kimpton in San Francisco. 

Only 217 of the nation's 49,000 hotels are consider boutique but their impact is growing as GenXers are spending on average $1297 on a leisure trip, compared to Baby Boomers with $1155.  Some companies mentioned as making moves to be "cooler" include: Hyatt, Hilton, Marriott, and Intercontiental (operated by Holiday Inn).

NOTE: Sorry for the lack of URLs to some of the hotels.  I ran out of time.

Covey, Guiliani, & Welch on 15Jun05

This is not a paid advertisement ... just FYI ... I am considering taking a break for the day-to-day and going to this ... since I had to add it to my calendar ... I might as well cut and paste it into a blog post:

"Principles of Leadership: From Effectiveness to Greatness" featuring Stephen Covey, Rudolph Giuliani, and Jack Welch.  Presented by on 15Jun05.  Broadcasted live to over 33+ cities.  More info by calling 800-289-0051.  In San Diego County, it will be at the California Center for the Arts in Escondido, CA.

Monday (05042005) LinkFest


Mobile Computing:


Open-Source Audio?:


Summary Details On My Mobile Podcast Setup

Back on 11Apr05 I outlined some details on my prototype gear for my mobile podcast production setup (also with a picture).

I still have the basic setup outlined on the the 11th, but I have been doing some tweaking of the input levels.  I do think I have the iRiver iFP-799 record level too low ... at around 45.  This seems like the right level for recording when I just have the Sony ECM-MS907 microphone going into it.  But it might not be so good via the Rolls MX56S mixer. I also switched the option to record from line-in on the iRiver (not a microphone which is the way it is set when I don't have the mixer setup).

I have posted some audio examples (at 128-kbps out of Audacity not the raw file from the iRiver Music Manager):

  • Test-1.mp3 (460.7K): I am announcing RFID update conference. Billy Watson is in the background.  Microphone level on the mixer is at "position" 3.  Music is at "position" 2/3 down to 1.
  • Test-2.mp3 (1105.2K): I am announcing RFID update conference. Amber DJ is in the back ground. Microphone level on the mixer is at "position" 3. Music is at "position" 1 during the voice parts.
  • Test-3.mp3 (802.3K): I am announcing RFID update conference. Billy Watson is in the background.  Microphone level on the mixer is at "position" 3.5.  Music is at "position" 1 during the voice parts.
  • Test-4.mp3 (454.2K): This my standard intro for Tech Rag Tear Outs.  Four MP3s played in a row.  Only draw back from doing this in Audacity is that I can get them closer together.  Maybe I will build the intro in Audacity the way I like it before doing a live show.

I also conducted a sit down interview with my "almost 4 year old" son Spencer:

So far my only complaint with the mixer is that there no visible position markings.  So I am visualizing position 0 to be all the way off.  Position 1 to be the 90-degrees up, position 2 to be at 180-degrees, and position 3 to be 270-degrees from off, and then position 4 to be "all the way on."  I'll probably borrow a white permanent marker from my wife's scrapbook supplies and make some marks for reference.

Once nice thing about the Samsung YP-T5V MP3 Player (aka "Yepp") is that it lists files in playback order based on the alphanumeric value.  So you can list items: 01-, 02-, 03-, etc. and get them to play back to back pretty easily.

One other thing that is apparent in this setup vice my standard Plantronics DSP-100 USB microphone.  My custom-made PC has one very loud fan sitting on the AMD processor.  It was something that I spec'd out wrong when I built it back in November 2004, but haven't really had a reason to swap it out.  Now I do ... you can definitely hear the fan noise in the background.  Either that or I'll have to start recording in my tool shed?!? ;-)

Let me know what you think. Updates

Forbes On Radio Podcast has been announced.  I downloaded it and still have to give it a listen.  I wasn't sure what the subscribe feed is going to be.  Anyone have a clue.

Also the following items caught my eye in the print edition:

Luggage Concierge: Pack your bags and ship them vice taking with you on the plane, train or automobile. [NOTE: We did this two years ago using UPS when we traveled to our summer lake vacation spot in Indiana.  It made lugging stuff through the airport so much easier, especially with three kids.]

Want to own part of your own jet? They had a big article in the FYI section ... they recommended the following companies: NetJets, FlightOptions, FlexJet, and CitationShares.  [NOTE: I think Dann Sheridan should get in on one of these.  Man the man is on travel a lot.]

Rogue Ales has announced three new XStreme ales: Imperial Pale Ale; Old Crustacean Barley Wine; and Imperial Stout.

Sony has a "high-end" technology division called Qualia that is selling "five" products including a digital camera for $3900, a rear-projection TV for $10K, and headphones for $2600.