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Monday Lunch Time Link Fest

The link fests (aka "human pre-processor aggregrator of the aggregations") appear to be pretty well received if I am to believe my Feedster data reports.  So, here is another one ...



San Diego


Music - Frederic Bastiat

Forbes published for 28Feb05 has a great op-ed piece by William Bladwin on the "public funding dangers" of convention centers, stadiums, etc.  The argument against such endeavors utilized one of my favorite economist (even if he is French) - Frederic Bastiat.  If you have never heard of Bastiat, then you should read "The Law."

Anyway ... this is a great paragraph ...

"Bastiat has been dead for 155 years, but he knew all about multipliers.  His acerbic take on the matter is called the Broken Window Fallacy.  In this parable a mischievous boy breaks a shopkeeper's window.  That provides work for the glazier, who puts the money back in to circulation, and the money keeps going around and around, to the point where the townspeople are all but rejoicing at the vandalism.  Bastiat points out the fallacy: You've forgotten that money spent on the window is money the shopkeeper might otherwise have spent at the cobbler.  Breaking windows does not enrich the town."

Latest Crutchfield Catalog - No Podcasting :-(

I got the latest catalog in the mail yesterday.  If you don't know, this company sells audio equipment for your vehicle, and more recently for the home.  I have bought stuff from them in the past and I'd consider myself a satisfied customer.

Anyway ... I was hoping to see something about podcasting in the catalog.  But I didn't see anything.  The reason I am interested, is that "if/when" they do, podcasting has taken another major step forward as a medium for the mainstream.  It will happen, I guess I should be patient.

I did see one unit that was kinda interesting -- OmniFi DMP1 (car) and DMS1 (home) ... this is a plug-in unit that offers 20-GBs of storage that has a USB interface, and an optional Wi-Fi receiver (DWL-121) so you could actually sync your music collection with your vehicle in the garage.

Ready For Video Blogs?

A couple of good productions turned up via Blogdigger ... some adult language ...

It turns out that over the last month or so ... Blogdigger is my channel of choice for "watching" stuff when I don't have a "podcast" playing in my head phones or in my car stereo ... please don't tell ABC, NBC, Cox Cable, ok ... ;-)

P.S. Blogdigger is probably NC-17 ... you never know what you might get ... you'll probably delete more than you watch all the way through but what you watch is better than what else is on.  Trust me ...

Missing Out On Tech News Radio?

One of the key features for moving over to Tech News Radio for my Tech Rag Tear Outs podcasts, is the new Tech Tidbits Daily podcast.  This is a short, Monday through Friday quick little look at a technology tidbit item that should be topical, and of interest to a wide audience of information technology professionals.

Here are some items I have covered so far:

Please subscribe via this link.

There is also an "awesome" new site icon that has been "colorized" and "improved" by Dan Klass over at The Bitterest Pill podcast.  Thanks Dan for the help!

Podcast MP3 Settings Thoughts

I was listening to a recent Behind the Scenes podcast by Craig Patchett, and there were a couple of things recommend that I am not doing:

  • Even though I am mostly doing talk I am recording and sending out a stereo MP3 (Craig recommends mono).
  • Craig thinks the lowest bitrate should be 64-kbps, but I am using 48-kbps with no complaints.

I am implementing ThePoint podcast's recomendation of limiting the dB output.

So should I change what I am doing, or just keep things status quo?