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I have been reading 43 Folders since early Dec04, and it is pretty good site for getting new ideas on how-to-do David Allen's Getting Things Done (Getting).

The author has listed some "decisions" on how a vendor might get their tool or product evaluated via his blog.  His write-up is pretty comprehensive.

Todd Cochrane at GeekNewsCentral
also talks about this topic of bloggers doing reviews in this post.


Steve Holden

As a side note, I have been trying to get a company to allow me to do a review of potential podcast tool. They are a traditional "audio" company, and thus are thinking pretty old school. To review thier product they want me to pay for it + shipping.

When I use to work for Pen Computing Magazine ( and for my own newsletter (NewtNews), I use to get all kinds of stuff for free evaluation. If I liked it, I could typically buy it, but I definitely never paid for anything up front. - Steve

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