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Problem with Windows Media Play Synchronization Experience for Podcasts

I think I have a problem with Windows Media Player 10 and how I am trying to use it with my Samsung Yepp for listening to podcasts.

For me (control freak), I do not have any automatic synchronization setup.  I basically walk down through the playlists created in Media Player by Doppler 2.0 Beta, and drag items I want to listen to my Sync List.  Then I click on Sync, click Start Sync, and then all the files get moved over to the device.

So I disconnect from my computer, and listen to the shows on the Yepp, and then I come back and hook it back up.  But Media Player doesn't seem to remember the "sync" relationship that I am imagining should be happening.  Because if I delete something from the Yepp it doesn't get deleted from my library, and vice versa.

Which probably makes sense for "music" but for "podcasting" typically when I am done listening I really don't want the file anymore unless I might use the content in a future podcast that I am doing.

So ... my current work around is to just before I do the Start Sync process I take the Sync List and drag it to a temp play list, and manually do the delete after listening remotely.  Otherwise you have an MP3 player full of obscure names that you have to go back through all the folders to find the right thing to delete.

I am hoping there is a better way?!?  Either that or "synchronization" from Microsoft really means one-way transfer.


Charlie Quidnunc

Can you imagine how mad you would be if the songs you just paid $10 for were deleted from your computer after you just finished listening to them on your YEP? I think this behavior makes sense. I gave up on Synchronization. I just copy the newest files to my portable and go.

Steve Holden

I agree that the "music" issue is probably why this option isn't available.

I didn't make it clear in my post that I definitely think any synchronization setup would "ask" before any deleteing. But I think the option needs to be there to help clean up the slew of files being generated by podcasting.

For podcasting to move into the mainstream one needs easier "sync" and "file mgmt" set of features in the standard tool suite. From my perspective, the big boys - Apple, Microsoft, etc. - have not done that yet. The good news is "big" problems like these are usually solved by "little" guys.

Greg Smith

I agree completely that we "need[s] easier 'sync' and 'file mgmt' set of features in the standard tool suite". This is one of the things I have tried hard to overcome with my "Enclosure Toolbar" in FeederReader for the Pocket PC. I'd be interested in your opinion on whether I've succeeded in simplifying this. On the toolbar, you can tap "Play Next" or "Delete-Play Next". My preference is to delete and play in one tap. This will automatically delete the podcasts as you listen to them. For screen shots of the Enclosure Toolbar, see http://www.feederreader.com/EnclosureSupport.html

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