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Podcast #16 - Overview of Upcoming Conferences

The 16th Tech Rag Tear Outs podcast has been posted to: TechRagTearOuts_016_050125.mp3 (2346.4K).

The outline (OPML file/link TBD) of the show in HTML is:

  • (00:00-00:40): Introduction - 16th Edition of the Tech Rag Tear Outs Podcast
  • (00:41-01:30): Sample music from Billy Watson (
  • (01:31-01:57): Show Overview
  • (01:58-05:27): Some conferences of potential interest:
    • Call Center Demo & Conference ( will be Jan. 31  - Feb. 2, 2005 in Dallas, TX
    • META Group's "METAmorphosis 2005 - IT   Innovation" ( will be Mar. 1-3, 2005 in San Francisco, CA & May 4-6 in   Chicago, IL [plus also Barcelona, Spain in Apr05; And in May05 on different   dates in the following cities Dubai in United Arab Emirates; Sydney in   Australia; & Johannesburg in South Africa)
    • SANS 2005 "Sysadmin, Audit, Network   & Security Conference" ( will   be Apr. 5-12, 2005 in San Diego, CA
    • The Future of Convergence   "Business Continuity, Emergency Management, and Security" will be May 25-26, 2005 in Las Vegas NV.
    • Learning Tree ( has three new   hands-on courses: Security Wireless Networks, Power Excel: Reporting &   Decision Making, and Assertiveness Skills
  • (05:28-06:14): Closing Comments - Official Beer of the Show: Guinness Stout (
  • (06:15-06:40): Sample music from Amber DJ (

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[UPDATE: Some new updated tips on Disaster Recovery can be found here:]


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