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Bad Day For Amber

Latest Wine Bottle Openers Are Neat Gadgets

We recently picked up something similar to one of these offered here at Costco online.  It is an amazing wine opener.

BTW ... I called into's phone line with a question and I got this back in email:


Your Pinot Noir (pee-no no-are) from Steel Creek Wine should be pretty tasty and 'easy drinking'.

Meaning it tends to have less tannin and red wine pucker effect.  It will typically have bing cherry flavors going on, along with a bit more sense of 'soil' than you'd have with say a cab or merlot. 

It is a software wine for generally non beef foods.  Anyway, put this wine with food - on the fish side = salmon; on the meat side put it with lamb, chicken, duck, or turkey.  It actually is said to go with filet - tenderloin if not char grilled - making it in the oven/broiler though I usually put this food with cab.

Talk to you soon!


Nice service! :-)


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