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3rd Music Supplement Podcast Posted

The 3rd Music Supplement to my primary podcast has been posted.

It includes songs from Billy Watson, Echo and The Bunnymen, and Frankie Vallie & The Four Searsons.  I have had this one on my To Do list before the 2nd one which was Christmas focused. 

Here is the manual download link: TRTO_music_supplement_003_050130.mp3 (4700.4K).

And here are the show notes:

Classy Podcaster - Dan Klass @

Dan's podcasts are funny.  The ones with his son are great.  And he does seem to do better shows when his daughter is a sleep on his shoulder.

But he made a 'slight' error in his #19th show about how Presidential Inaugural Parties are funded.  And I corrected him in his comments section.

In #20th he took ownership of his error and made some very good non-partisan points.  Kudos!  And I do have to agree with Dan that in many ways the money spent on the parties could have been spent in better ways.  To the victor goes the spoils I guess.

Anyway ... if you aren't listening to The Bitterest Pill you aren't laughing enough!

Funny Thing About Podcast Meetings

So, I was recently catching up with my Reel Reviews from MWGBlog and the movie was Chopper which I hadn't seen.  But as Michael is going through his review, I can swear that I've heard all this before.

So, I quickly stop what I'm doing and double check the date, and make sure I hadn't made a mistake and loaded up an old show.  Sure, enough it was the latest thing in my Reel Reviews folder.

Ok ... strange I think ... oh well ... and I continue listening ... then at about half way through I realize that it was because Michael had talked about this at the last Orange County Podcast Dinner. 

So ... I am guessing that our reaction to his "passion" at the dinner was maybe a contributing reason for doing the podcast on Chopper.

Anyway ... one of the best podcasts to subscribe and listen to is Reel Reviews.  If you aren't listening, you aren't learning about movies ... ;-)

Two Great Media Format News Items

Jon Udell does a great job of introducing remixing (making things more focused or shorter), plus some options on how to embed time code information into an audio file.  To make it even more interesting, the file he used for the demo is a really cool dialog between Elvis Costello (one of my favorite artists) and Nic Harcourt.

On a similar topic, Andy McCaskey at had a recent commentary and a pointer to more information about AAC-plus via link from Greg Walker.

Problem with Windows Media Play Synchronization Experience for Podcasts

I think I have a problem with Windows Media Player 10 and how I am trying to use it with my Samsung Yepp for listening to podcasts.

For me (control freak), I do not have any automatic synchronization setup.  I basically walk down through the playlists created in Media Player by Doppler 2.0 Beta, and drag items I want to listen to my Sync List.  Then I click on Sync, click Start Sync, and then all the files get moved over to the device.

So I disconnect from my computer, and listen to the shows on the Yepp, and then I come back and hook it back up.  But Media Player doesn't seem to remember the "sync" relationship that I am imagining should be happening.  Because if I delete something from the Yepp it doesn't get deleted from my library, and vice versa.

Which probably makes sense for "music" but for "podcasting" typically when I am done listening I really don't want the file anymore unless I might use the content in a future podcast that I am doing.

So ... my current work around is to just before I do the Start Sync process I take the Sync List and drag it to a temp play list, and manually do the delete after listening remotely.  Otherwise you have an MP3 player full of obscure names that you have to go back through all the folders to find the right thing to delete.

I am hoping there is a better way?!?  Either that or "synchronization" from Microsoft really means one-way transfer.

What Gear Do You Need For A Podcast?

I am doing my podcasts very simply.  That may be good for me (pretty cheap) but bad for my listeners if my audio output isn't that good (I actually think it is AOK, but I know squat about audio really). 

My primary setup is basically a Plantronics DSP-100 Digital USB microphone for getting my audio voice in, and Audacity for Windows for capture, editing, and output (I am beta testing MixCastLive).  This all done on a custom designed Windows XP SP2 system at home.

Others are doing some significantly cooler audio engineering work:

Also check out the excellent sites: & Behind The Scenes for good "how to do podcasts ... from recording to posting."

UPDATE: Jake Ludington on recording and publishing are good new references. And Eric Mack has pictures and details on his "mobile setup."

Podcast #16 - Overview of Upcoming Conferences

The 16th Tech Rag Tear Outs podcast has been posted to: TechRagTearOuts_016_050125.mp3 (2346.4K).

The outline (OPML file/link TBD) of the show in HTML is:

  • (00:00-00:40): Introduction - 16th Edition of the Tech Rag Tear Outs Podcast
  • (00:41-01:30): Sample music from Billy Watson (
  • (01:31-01:57): Show Overview
  • (01:58-05:27): Some conferences of potential interest:
    • Call Center Demo & Conference ( will be Jan. 31  - Feb. 2, 2005 in Dallas, TX
    • META Group's "METAmorphosis 2005 - IT   Innovation" ( will be Mar. 1-3, 2005 in San Francisco, CA & May 4-6 in   Chicago, IL [plus also Barcelona, Spain in Apr05; And in May05 on different   dates in the following cities Dubai in United Arab Emirates; Sydney in   Australia; & Johannesburg in South Africa)
    • SANS 2005 "Sysadmin, Audit, Network   & Security Conference" ( will   be Apr. 5-12, 2005 in San Diego, CA
    • The Future of Convergence   "Business Continuity, Emergency Management, and Security" will be May 25-26, 2005 in Las Vegas NV.
    • Learning Tree ( has three new   hands-on courses: Security Wireless Networks, Power Excel: Reporting &   Decision Making, and Assertiveness Skills
  • (05:28-06:14): Closing Comments - Official Beer of the Show: Guinness Stout (
  • (06:15-06:40): Sample music from Amber DJ (

Thanks for subscribing and listening.

[UPDATE: Some new updated tips on Disaster Recovery can be found here:]