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Funny Thing About Podcast Meetings

So, I was recently catching up with my Reel Reviews from MWGBlog and the movie was Chopper which I hadn't seen.  But as Michael is going through his review, I can swear that I've heard all this before.

So, I quickly stop what I'm doing and double check the date, and make sure I hadn't made a mistake and loaded up an old show.  Sure, enough it was the latest thing in my Reel Reviews folder.

Ok ... strange I think ... oh well ... and I continue listening ... then at about half way through I realize that it was because Michael had talked about this at the last Orange County Podcast Dinner. 

So ... I am guessing that our reaction to his "passion" at the dinner was maybe a contributing reason for doing the podcast on Chopper.

Anyway ... one of the best podcasts to subscribe and listen to is Reel Reviews.  If you aren't listening, you aren't learning about movies ... ;-)


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