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Question Of The Day - How Long Until Feng Shui Starts To Work?

My wife's aunt came to visit us yesterday.  She made a bunch of changes to our daughter Carson's room based on her understanding of feng shui. The changes were supposed to make Carson feel so much more in control of her space, happy, cheerful, and more content.

Unfortunately, Carson isn't taking to well to feng shui.  She was awake at 3:30 a.m. this morning and refused to go back to sleep.  She is walking around "being the boss," and has had three time outs (teasing brothers, biting dad in the leg, and hitting dad in the face) in the last 30 minutes (yes ... she is tired).

So ... I ask the reading audience ... does feng shui take X# of days to work, or should we just move her furniture back to its original position? ;-)


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