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Christmas Music - TRTO Music Supplement #002 Posted

Below is the show notes for this edition (HTML output from Frontier) of my music supplement (here is the direct MP3 download link):

F-Secure: MP3 and video versions of the Data Security Summary 2004

"Audio and video versions of F-Secure Corporation's Data Security Summary for 2004 are now available. Video is available as a Real Media stream here: F-Secure 2004. The MP3 is available here: 2004-wrapup.mp3 

"Speaking about MP3's...we find it be really handy to listen to data security lectures, radio specials and interviews on our iPods or in our cars while doing something else. Places like ITConversations even have separate series for security-related audio. Also lots of the Black Hat Briefings lectures are available as audio (but you do need a Real-to-MP3 converter if you want to take them with you). And Vmyths has great selection of MP3s available (but you do have to dismangle the M3U files to get them)."
[F-Secure Antivirus Research Weblog]

Tech Rag Tear Out Podcast #14 (Network World, CRN, Communications News)

The straight download can be found here: TechRagTearOuts_014_12-21-04.mp3 (7667.9K).

  • (00:00-02:06): Introduction to 14th podcast; Official beer of this podcast: Sierra Nevada's Celebration Ale
  • (02:06-20:11): Primary Content
  • (20:12-21:49): Closing Coments; Music samples from DJ Amber; Contact info: [email protected],, or comments via: 206-337-1533.

  • Frontier Kernel Used for Podcast #014 Show Notes in HTML and OPML

    I finished my last podcast (#014) and I did all my show notes in OpenOffice 1.1.3.  When I tried to get the HTML from that file into TypePad it was a disaster.  Before Tech Rag Tear Outs (TRTO) Podcast #014 I was doing everything in Microsoft Frontpage without any problems.

    So, today I did some much needed mucking around with Frontier Kernel Win32 release, and I am happy to say #014 show notes were "redone" completely in Froniter.  And I was able to get the Outliner in Froniter to spit out some good HTML. And I think a viable OPML file.

    Billy Watson OK To Play His Music

    Billy Watson has answered my email request to play his music on my podcasts with an enthusiastic "YES."  So you'll probably be hearing some more! :-)

    From his website:


    • Lou's Records in Leucadia
    • Mitch's Surf Shop in Solana Beach
    • Zach's Harmonica Shop at Coles Bookstore in La Jolla

    OR TO ORDER A COPY OF ANY OF BILLY WATSON'S CD's (except "Little Snick" which is currently sold out) BY MAIL, PLEASE SEND A CHECK OR MONEY ORDER TO:                   

    Shipping Address:
        518 S. Strand #2
        Oceanside, CA 92054

    EACH CD IS ONLY $12 (shipping & handling included), SO GOBBLE THEM UP BY THE MOUTHFULL!

    Orange County Podcast Dinner Feedback

    I had a great time at the first Orange County Podcast User Group dinner held last night (Thursday).  I got to meet Tim Bourquin, Emile Bourquin, and Michael Geoghegan.

    It was really neat to spend some time with others who are dedicated to this new medium of podcasting, and in working together to learn a better tradecraft.

    I highly encourage anyone who is doing and/or listening to podcasts to try to get something like this going near where they live.