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One Key Lesson Learned From 2004

If you go over to Dann Sheridan's site on you'll see he will be soon leaving San Diego for Chicago. I wish him & his wonderful family all the best in his transition back to Wolters Kluwer/Chicago.  As one of the most gifted technologists I have ever had the privilege to work with, I am sure it will be very smooth.

It was almost this time last year, that I started a dialog with Dann to get Dann to come out to San Diego to work in one of the integration labs that I am responsible for. Things finally fell into place in July.

Unfortunately, things got very complicated this past October, and in the course of events, most of the labs functions were eliminated.  One of the "coolest" things I have ever been a part of has been mothballed for the foreseeable future.

One of the key lessons I learned from all this hit me like a load of bricks while reading Tom Peter's recent book recommendations:

"The Fred Factor" by Mark Sanborn with this quote from Fred-the-Postman: "Nobody can prevent you from choosing to be exceptional"; and psychologist & concentration camp survivor Victor Frankl's "They (the SS) cannot steal your ability to choose the attitude with which you will address the day."

The closing of this integration lab continues to be my responsibility; but I made several leadership decisions and allowed others to influence my attitude instead of controlling it myself. This ultimately led me into a position of being on the sidelines during the decision making processes surrounding the future of the lab instead at the front leading to keep it a valued resource.

So ... my end of 2004 wish for those that like to learn from others mistakes ... take 100% ownership of your daily attitude and never give it up no matter who on the other end is trying to take it from you.

Question Of The Day - How Long Until Feng Shui Starts To Work?

My wife's aunt came to visit us yesterday.  She made a bunch of changes to our daughter Carson's room based on her understanding of feng shui. The changes were supposed to make Carson feel so much more in control of her space, happy, cheerful, and more content.

Unfortunately, Carson isn't taking to well to feng shui.  She was awake at 3:30 a.m. this morning and refused to go back to sleep.  She is walking around "being the boss," and has had three time outs (teasing brothers, biting dad in the leg, and hitting dad in the face) in the last 30 minutes (yes ... she is tired).

So ... I ask the reading audience ... does feng shui take X# of days to work, or should we just move her furniture back to its original position? ;-)

Union-Tribune Personal Tech Links

For some reason, the San Diego Union-Tribune newspaper for 12/27/04 was delivered to the house.  There were a few things in their Personal Tech section that caught my eye:

Not Integrated - Weather & Location Maps

I noticed today that and do not link an option to get "weather data" from a location search.  On the plus side, did have an link option but it didn't seem to know where I was at when I clicked on it.

This seems to be a big missing feature, or I am missing something?!?

On the cool feature side of the house, I did notice that is providing an option to display Wi-Fi locations on a map.  This is good in general but what I really need when I travel from let's say San Diego to Irvine on I-5 is a list of locations of all the Starbucks by how far off the on/off-ramp they are.

Wired 13.01 - Good stuff Gadgets, BlackBerry, BitTorrent, Bezos

Wired 13.01 came in the snail mail box yesterday ... I enjoyed the following articles [URLs are TBD - See dates from Wired]:

  • Own Your Own Remote Control Castle Today! [Coming January 3]
  • Tech-Xtreme Makeover [Coming January 3]
  • The BlackBerry Brain Trust [Coming January 4]
  • The BitTorrent Effect [Coming December 29]
  • The Zen of Jeff Bezos [Coming January 7]

Long Term Planning iPod Purchase?

Every three months or so, Costco (which I am a member but not a stockholder) sends out to members a "coupon" book of upcoming deals.  If you have a long range goal of getting a HP iPod 20-GBs (currently just under $299) between Mar. 7 - Mar. 13, 2005 they are going to throw in with every purchase a Belkin Accessory Pack (headphones, battery, & carrying case).

I don't think most geeks or IT pros plan this way on gadgets (I think I had all my Christmas shopping done for myself in Nov?), but I guess the up and coming mainstreamers that are becoming more and more digital do more long term gadget planning.

Speaking of Costco,  Doc Searls had an interesting pointer a couple of weeks ago from Forbes on Costco business model ... and I noticed in the latest print version of Wired (13.01) that they did some "pricing" of expensive products using Costco as the lower price alternative (no url).

Best Tech Rag Tear Out Moment?

In general, I don't think there is much that is "spectacular" about my podcast Tech Rag Tear Outs because it is just the latest technical news that is pretty narrowcast.

But Dave Winer asked recently for podcasters to suggest something. 

I think that my interaction with my three year old son Spencer in #002 is a good example of what podcasting is all about: Download GreatMomentInPodcasting_TechRagTearOuts_002.mp3 (696.4K).