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Some Weblog Items Of Interest

Here are some links that I thought were interesting from the 100+ weblogs I monitor:

Podcast Gems for Tuesday

Here are some interesting links and pointers from some podcasts that I listened to today:

I also decided to stop subscribing to the Dawn & Drew Show.  The topics, the language, etc. is just not something I am choosing to listen to.

Pivot Tables, PubSub, & GigaDial (Podcast Gems)

I am a big podcatcher fan.  I feel like I am listening to a lot of stuff.  Today I got two good pointers.  The first from Slashdot Review with Pivot Tables (a new book is out that reportedly explains them better). And the second from Geek News Central with PubSub (new weblog ranking and search site).

I also created two stations called Morning Drive To Work & Monday Run over on GigaDial to point people at the podcasts I am listening to because it is very easy via GigaDial to build a playlist that includes all the good meta data and links.

Instead of creating a single Steve Holden Station I figure I will just create new ones for each event that I am listening to so the link stays permanent as possible.

Sampling Koss QZ Pro

The one bad thing about our recent cruise was that my Bose Headphones were "missing" from the bag I put them in during the de-embarking process.

Since they are $300 I have not been able to convince myself to spend that money all over again, even thought they are absolutely wonderful.

So, I am testing the $50 Koss QZ Pro Noise Reduction Sterophone.  So far some differences: QZ requires two AAA batteries, QZ in noise reduction mode is not as good as the Bose, music and podcasts through the QZ seems to be the same IMHO, QZ does not have a detachable audio cable (Bose does), QZ has a volume control on the audio cable, and QZ folds up better than the Bose, but the Bose case seems like a better storage architecture for keeping the unit safer while on travel.

Cool Stories via FLASH

The latest WGBH's Morning Stories was in my download directory this morning (new ones come out on Fridays), and I listened to it and about three other podcasts (Slashdotreview, Eric Rice, Todays Podcast) on the way to work using my iPaq. 

There was an interesting pointer to VidLit - Well-Told Sales (in FLASH).  They are excellent.  Most of them could be distributed in just audio form for podcast download.  The main person who runs the site was the focus of the Morning Story (very funny) and in the future she is going to do a FLASH story for Morning Stories.

New Podcasting Forum

I know there are mailing lists via Yahoo for podcasters (I am on them) but to be frank I rather enjoy a PHP forum without the ads and email restrictions.

Check out Podcast Expo Forum for discussion items on hardware, software, and announcements.

This is a good clean slate to get moving out on podcasters helping other podcasters do better, learn new stuff, and collaborate.

Metadata (XMLTV) for Podcasting

Steve Kirks asks "Can XMLTV be a springboard to a podcasting publishing schedule?"

After quickly skimming through the above link, I think this has a lot of potential.

One thing that would be neat is that if you could list out all the 'segments' in your podcast, subscribers could use yet to be developed podcatching tools to get just the information they want from a broadcast.

Also a new XMLTV savvy audio players (software & hardware) could allow you to see better meta data about what you are listening to, and let you do more intuitive fast forwards and rewinds.

Something like this would also help podcasters who are trying to piece together content from other podcasters who currently are effectively 'wasting' a lot of time doing manual searches.