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Podcast Review - Bitterest Pill #8

Mini Review - Samsung YP-T5V Portable MP3 Player

I got my upgrade to my trusty Creative Labs 128 MB Nomad Muvo MP3 Player player last Friday.  It is the Samsung YP-T5V Portable MP3 Player

It is definitely a significant improvement over my Muvo (which is now my wife's MP3 player).

Things I like a lot: interface (seeing the titles, play times, rates); controls (joystick fast/rewind & volume control); FM radio; battery life (AAA); voice record (WAV); and line in record (MP3).

Only major ding is the line-in requires an amplified signal. So, most of the microphones I have don't work in it.  I was hoping to have a completely mobile podcast recording tool, but I'll either need to find a small mobile battery-powered mini-preamp, or a powered hands-free microphone headset.

It would also be cool if it could capture audio playing on the unit (like a podcast) which in theory could be enabled via a FIRMWARE upgrade?  This would be really neat for doing podcast commentaries.  Anyone know anyone at Samsung to evangelize?


Andrew McCaskey

I have been using the unit as backup encoding for Slashdot Review for the past several weeks, and have been generally pleased. Plus items are as noted in your comments, but there is one bug that I have noticed on the line encoder that it sometimes seems to clip the lead syllable from an item, or put in an audible dropout. It seems to be somewhat content dependent (ie if silence is proceeding for a few seconds - as if it has a battery saving feature that starts to go to sleep). I also have not looked at this as a function of battery service time.

BUT definately a fine little (I do mean little) unit.

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