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Mini Review - Samsung YP-T5V Portable MP3 Player

I got my upgrade to my trusty Creative Labs 128 MB Nomad Muvo MP3 Player player last Friday.  It is the Samsung YP-T5V Portable MP3 Player

It is definitely a significant improvement over my Muvo (which is now my wife's MP3 player).

Things I like a lot: interface (seeing the titles, play times, rates); controls (joystick fast/rewind & volume control); FM radio; battery life (AAA); voice record (WAV); and line in record (MP3).

Only major ding is the line-in requires an amplified signal. So, most of the microphones I have don't work in it.  I was hoping to have a completely mobile podcast recording tool, but I'll either need to find a small mobile battery-powered mini-preamp, or a powered hands-free microphone headset.

It would also be cool if it could capture audio playing on the unit (like a podcast) which in theory could be enabled via a FIRMWARE upgrade?  This would be really neat for doing podcast commentaries.  Anyone know anyone at Samsung to evangelize?

Weblog/Podcast Filter for 11-29-2004

The following items were interesting enough for me to do a little more digging:

Coming Clean on Amazon Affliate

Scoble mentioned on his blog that he would never point people to Amazon via their affiliate program.

That reminded me that I forgot to mention that I will point people to Amazon items via the affliate program if there is something that Amazon is offering and I think is worth buying.

I am not going to go out of my way recommending stuff that I have no interest in.  But if I plug a product that I like and someone reads my thoughts and decides to buy it based on my recommendation, then I think I should get part of the sale.  The affliates problem enables that option ... so far it hasn't worked ;-) [ie. no sales].

If anyone has a problem with that, let me know ...

Bloggercon Newbies MP3 - Trackbacks

The IT Conversations Bloggercon Newbies MP3 is a good listen.  At times the audio quality isn't that good and you can't hear all interactions, but the discussion on TRACKBACKS is good.

Also, if you are building any type of blogging solution as a vendor or programmer, you should listen to this one because there a good number of tidbits on what needs to be improved for new users and current bloggers.  Especially the discussion on the lack of seamless blogging deployment solutions.

Fast Forward Podcast Ads?

In the BBC show that showcased podcasting and Adam Curry, has some comments from by David  Docherty that said 'people will zip through ... fast forward ... the ads.'

I disagree because fast forwarding on current players is not very useful to get back to the content.  And if you are driving along it is actually very dangerous to try to do any fast forwarding because you really need to be hands on the players to do it effectively.

I am with Adam ... who says that podcasting is ripe for "good advertising" and that listeners will pay attention and listen to those that are well done. 

A good example is in the U.S. and the Superbowl.  A good majority of people watch the football game just to see the ads.

Podcast #11 - Tech News, Music from Dead By Gun, & Commentary

Here is the manual link: Download TechRagTearOut_011_11-24-04.mp3 (9243.6K).

The show details are as follows:

The topics talked about in the primary content section includes:


San Diego Area Podcasters or Webloggers?

I am wondering if there is a group of San Diego area podcasters and/or webloggers interested in getting together on a regular basis (monthly) or at least once a year in a conference format like Dave Slusher is proposing on Evil Genius Chronicles with a Myrtle Beach Blogging Conference.

UPDATE: Dann Sheridan created a Yahoo Email Group (sd-bloggers) [all are welcome].