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TRTO Review by The House of the Hanged Man

The House of the Hanged Man (aka kinrowan) recently posted a review of Tech Rag Tear Outs (TRTO)

This weblog is an excellent podcast review resource. I have been reading it since Dave Slusher (maybe it was Adam Curry?) plugged it last week.

It is especially good for getting a sense of what the content of a show is before subcribing in iPodder or manual downloading.

You can subscribe via your favorite aggregator (mine is Newsgator) via ATOM feed.

Tech Rag Tear Out (TRTO) Podcast #6

I just finished up my sixth addition.  This one has 15 tech topics, 1 song from The Style Council, and some podcast thoughts including some details on what technology I am using to do my podcasts and the production framework.  Here are the links:

    • Servers: Dell PowerEdge 2550 (Editor's Choice)
    • 24-in Wide-Screen LCD Monitor: Samsung SyncMaster 243T (Editor's Choice)
    • 33 new HP laserprinters available: under $1K color; 55ppm B&W; $329 entry-level B&W
    • EMC buys Dantz Development (Mac/Windows Backup Software Vendor)
  • Lok Technologies Airlok 525 ($20K) vs. Cisco-NetworkAppliance-HP-Etc. Integration ($123K)
  • USMC using VoIP in Iraq for 9 Unit Operations Centers (UOCs)
  • Network Modeling Tools: Opnet, Shunra, Analytical Engines
    • VoIP PBX: 3Com, Avay, Siemens, Zultys
    • NetApp Storage devices
    • HP ProLiant DL585 based on Opteron processors (not Xeon)
    • MOM 2005 Roadmap
    • Idera's SQLsafe bacuk utility for SQL Server

I will be on a family vacation for the next 9 days or so.  Posting with be sparce and I doubt I'll be able to post another podcast until the 1st of Nov04.

Go St. Louis Cardnals! :-)

UPDATE: This file has been archived offline.  Send me email if you want it.

New Self-inflicted Ailment

I have self diagnoised myself as having PDS (podcast distraction syndrome). The primary clue that you might have it:

  • you try to wear head-phones on during dinner;
  • you actually setup your laptop in your car to listen to podcasts because you don't have a audio in on your car stereo yet;
  • if you are doing a podcast, the concept of 20-GB bandwidth in a month is no longer un-imaginable; and
  • you set iPodder to check for new content every minute.

There are probably other symptons but I gotta listen to the Daily Source Code (DSC).

Tech Rag Tear Out (TRTO) Podcast #5

I have posted my 5th podcast.  This one includes technical info of potential interest (outlined below), a song by Bad Manners (80's ska band), my first TRTO interview (of my kids), and potential example of a theme that might not be a good idea for a podcast.

Here is the link for the MP3 download: TRTO_005_10-21-2004.mp3 (11466.2K)

As always the ipodder savvy link is:

Topics covered:

UPDATE: This file has been archived offline.  Send me email if you want it.

Digital Camera Purchase Story

Back in June 2004, I replaced my Canon S10 with a Sony Cybershot DSC-W1 [REVIEW] which seemed to be the "winner" at the time for my requirements: size, weight, formfactor, movie capture, snapping picture speed, etc. As someone who hasn't been a big fan of Sony products, this camera has really been a very pleasant surprise.

But convincing my wife Christy to go digital has been a non-starter since I brought home my first Apple QuickTake camera. However, that has all recently changed since my 1 year old daughter Carson opened up Christy's $1K+ SLR, and made some moving parts out of non-moving parts.

So, Christy is off at a play group last week, and mentioned her sad destroyed camera story, and a friend, who is also an amatuer photographer, lent Christy her a Canon S60 that this friend had determeined who was the best "consumer" sized digital camera an SLR person would be happy with.

This is nothing new to what I had been saying for over the last year, but since "source" was not her geek husband, Christy actually really used the S60 over the course of a weekend, and compared it with my DSC-W1.

And then we made a spreadshet of all her requirements, and then matched current available models from Canon, Sony, Olympus, & Ricoh [short list suggested by Leo Laporate]; and decided on the Canon S70 [REVIEW] as the best fit.

The camera came on Monday, and so far we are doing pretty good with the new camera.