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PlanPlus 3.0 - Planning/Outlining in Outlook

The BETA product I was testing is out - Franklin Covey PlanPlus 3.0 with a Project Task List view built into Microsoft Outlook.

I like the feature a lot for getting started on a project or to plan simple things that don't need coordination with others. But it definitely is not Microsoft Project and it definitely is a full featured outlining tool. Also there is no way currently to take the PlanPlus Project View with you to your PocketPC.

Frontier 10.0a1 - Getting Started

Userland and Dave Winer have probably done one of the coolest things in recent memory. Release Frontier's Kernel as open source under GPL. While the source code will make all the developers out there very excited, I think the Minimal Install: (Windows) [Macintosh versions also available - soon Linux?] is really the sweet spot.

Here is why, while I was trained as a computer programmer, I have become more an "architect" or "knowledge worker" that links technologies with people, processes, and problem domains to create solutions or improve environments. One way of doing this is via prototyping before completely building out a solution when requirement definition is not or can not be as robust as really required.

Key features that can be leverage nearly immediately by other knowledge workers in similar situations:

  • Rich TCP/IP interface
  • Easy to script language
  • Dynamic database engine
  • Built-in outlining tool

So, as I tweak and test out the application part (not the source code), I'll let you know how things are going.

Lewis & Clark - Leadership Lessons

I am a suscriber to John Maxwell's monthly audio CD of leadership lessons. This last one was on Lewis & Clark leadership lessons. It is very good. I learned a lot also about the expedition and that has peaked my interest in the subject. I have put in a request for some library books on the subject with my 5 year old son Conrad who has just learned the joy of going to the library.

Offline Status Report

Sorry I have been offline for a couple of weeks. Moving to our new house has consumed a great deal of time, and I had to go on travel last week for work and the schedule was very demanding.

I have been Beta testing an updated product for Outlook that looks promsing for tracking "projects." Hopefully it will get released soon and I can do a review.

And when I get a free moment, I have been reading Tom Clancy's "The Bear and the Dragon." It is getting good at the end with the U.S. helping the Russians defend an attack by China.

Another thing of potential interest is that on travel last week to the East Coast I was able to have a very good dinner at Lynnhaven Fish House Restaurant in Virgina Beach, VA (757.481.0003). If you are in the area and want a good but not cheap seafood dinner, this might be the place for you.

Newton Never Dies But TabletPC Is A Great Alternative

Even Feldman notes that there is a Newton Conference going on 04-05Sep04 in Paris, France. The guys hosting the conference are working on a NewtonScript interpreter and hardware modifications. As a Member of the Newton Hall of Fame, I salute them for initiative as I still see the Newton as one of the "best" PDA operating systems.

However, after using a Tablet PC (HP TC1100 for nearly three full months) ... I am very impressed with the unit, and my biggest bonus since Jun04 is a dramatic increase in my personal computer productivity over my former traditional laptop (HP N620c).