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Windows XP Service Pack 2 (SP2)

I have been running the full version of XP SP2 since late last week. Before that I was trying out Release Candidate 2 (RC2). My primary system is a HP TC1000 TabletPC. I haven't had any problems that I can related back to either the XP upgrade or any of the Tablet PC enhancements.

Others are apparently not so lucky. If you are having big problems, I suggest trying an inside track:

Fill Out This Paperwork (We Aren't Going To Use It Though)

Since we are in a middle of a house move, and my wife is busy doing "new home improvements", I volunteered to take my daughter Carson (1.5 years old) to our first Ear, Nose, and Throat (ENT) consultation to get some additional options working for Carson's "heavy nose breathing" and "fluid in the ear" periodic problems.

So I get there on time, and fill out all the paperwork (lots of questions they should have had answers from our primary care physician IMHO - is there any collaboration?!? - nope).

Then I change a diaper and play chase in the halway.

We eat some fish crackers. And then pay the name the colors on the chairs in the room game which includes getting up into the chairs about 20 times each by Carson.

That gets old, so we check out some digital animal pictures on the iPAQ (~100) twice -- basically we end up being 45 minutes in the waiting room.

Then we get into the examination room. The doctor follows us in (good thing). And then we spend 15 minutes having her re-ask every question on the paperwork that I filled out originally in the waiting room on a different set of papers.

Ok ... so why did I fill out all the questions before hand, if I just have to redo this again in person? Those were her copies (different form) than the offices forms (who works for whom here?!?).

Anyway ... the 1-on-1 time with Carson was worth it. But I really hate broken processes and "wasting" of my time.

New Design For Billy Graham Website

Billy Graham Evangelistic Association (BGEA) has announced a new redesigned website.

Anyone who personally knows me, and isn't aware of my faith, would be shocked at the notion that I could be a "counselor" at a Billy Graham event. Well it is true. I had the distinct pleasure of being called to be a counselor three of the four nights of the May 2003 San Diego event.

It was amazing how God can make you extremely uncomfortable and at the same time joyful beyond reason.

There are two events in 2004 coming up: Kansas City (Oct) and Los Angeles (Nov). If you have a chance to serve, I hope you will.

Geek Runner

My main form of exercise is running (maybe better to categorize as jogging for some people). Every other day or so I run about 4 miles. I occasionally mix in a little bike riding, light weight lifting, or recreational swimming.

I noticed in the latest Road Runner Sports catalog (no easy URL) that you can now officially completely geek out your run with tools that track your vitals & time, listen to music, track your GPS location, display maps, upload all data collected to a computer for post analysis, etc.

Channel 9 - Downloadable Content

One of the coolest things out there for a heavy user of Microsoft tools is MSDN Channel 9 ... it looks like from this post they are going to make it even cooler with downloadable movies and audio files.

This will make it a lot easier for me to take advantage of the content because most of the time when I want to see this kinda stuff I am not hooked to the Internet, and then the movie links seat idle in my @Internet Outlook folder (confused by @Internet reference then read Getting Things Done with Outloook by David Allen).

IT Resource I "Scan"

This is the start of a list of hard copy information technology (IT) resources that I "scan" on a regular basis:

When I say I "scan" this is what I do: I read the headline and look at any diagrams/pictures related to the article, and then make a decsion if it fits into any of the systems architectures that I am currently or planning to be engaged in for the future. If it meets this criteria than I rip it out and then try to integrate it into my knowledgebase (this is a work in progress).