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God Isn't Done With Us Until 'She' Is

As a Christian, when I read something that I consider to be secular that has a spirtual point in it, I always seem to have to stop and try to see if it is Biblical or not.

I am a big fan of David Allen especially on his thoughts and processes related to "task managment." Since May04 I have been pretty dedicated to applying his methods, and I have seen some significant and in many ways vast improvement in my level of performance and completness.

Mr. Allen has a new book out called "Ready for Anything" that gives you two-three page refreshers on his ideas (52 of them) from his first book "Getting Things Done." This morning was "Clearing Your Head For Creativity" and this is was my interesting paragraph:

"One of the greatest challenges we must face at some point in our lives is that our sense of self-worth cannot hang solely on our inventory of what we've created. If all we'd done were to disappear - at this moment - we have to know that we will continue to have value and that we can create from scratch what we need or want. We have to know that no matter how finished we think we are, God isn't done with us until she is."

As I started reading this message, I was thinking 'Wow ... this could get into a simple Evangelistic message.' And then there is a mention of God (Supreme beeing) and then "SHE" is in control ... WHAT?!? SHE ... it must be a typo I am reasoning. Because otherwise this would be very un-BIBLICAL.

Amish TV Show

I did watch the new UPN show "Amish in the City" - it was pretty interesting. Our family has vacationed in Northern Indian where there is a good number of Amish communities, and that peaked my interest to read the book "History of the Amish" a couple of years back.

The "Amish Kids" on the show defintiely seem more down to earth than the "City Kids."

The Amish are an interesting group of people from a social, polictical, and spirtual standpoint. The one thing that really struck me though will watching the show when they visited the Pacific Ocean/beach was the sense that if they don't travel much that the miss a lot of God's beauty like at the beach or Redwood forests or National Parks.

Multi-company Marketing

For some odd reason I find this interesting - I got an email from United Airlines (UA) in regards to my frequent flyer status. They were advertising a new Sony super small laptop.

If you buy the laptop you get X# of more miles via the promo and this can get increased if you sign up for their VISA and use your new UA Visa to buy the laptop.

To make this even more appealing, all these new miles can get doubled because of my frequent flyer status, and then at the end of the message there is a reminder that I can use my "extra earned" mileage to buy Sony online music.

A 'nice and neat' marketing approach IMHO.