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God Isn't Done With Us Until 'She' Is

As a Christian, when I read something that I consider to be secular that has a spirtual point in it, I always seem to have to stop and try to see if it is Biblical or not.

I am a big fan of David Allen especially on his thoughts and processes related to "task managment." Since May04 I have been pretty dedicated to applying his methods, and I have seen some significant and in many ways vast improvement in my level of performance and completness.

Mr. Allen has a new book out called "Ready for Anything" that gives you two-three page refreshers on his ideas (52 of them) from his first book "Getting Things Done." This morning was "Clearing Your Head For Creativity" and this is was my interesting paragraph:

"One of the greatest challenges we must face at some point in our lives is that our sense of self-worth cannot hang solely on our inventory of what we've created. If all we'd done were to disappear - at this moment - we have to know that we will continue to have value and that we can create from scratch what we need or want. We have to know that no matter how finished we think we are, God isn't done with us until she is."

As I started reading this message, I was thinking 'Wow ... this could get into a simple Evangelistic message.' And then there is a mention of God (Supreme beeing) and then "SHE" is in control ... WHAT?!? SHE ... it must be a typo I am reasoning. Because otherwise this would be very un-BIBLICAL.


Richard Phipps

Unfortunately, I doubt it was a typo. It's your basic PC. The author felt the need to mention God, but in order to not alienate anyone, and to be fair and open, the author (or publisher) follows it up with the 'she'. I've seen this too many times. It goes to show their thoughts that God is just a feeling or thought, not possibly a Truth, so it doesn't matter how they refer to him/it/her.

Even without that, I don't know how good the message is. The part about only having value is true, but ONLY because of God. And I get the feeling the author's comment is meant to build up pride, not expose one to the truth of God: "Even if everything is gone, you can rebuild it cuz you're great!" ... as opposed to "Even if everything is gone, you can rebuild it with the help of God because he is great".


Hi, you had a thread about this at DavidCo.
Did you delete it yourself?

Steve Holden

No I did not delete the post on DavidCo's Bulletin Board. It must have been deleted by the moderator.



I'm curious, why do you feel it's important that Dave Allen's writings be Biblical?

Steve Holden

I don't think it is that important to me that all of David Allen's fews are Biblical. But is the measure for me on where one is spirtually. Using "SHE" isn't biblical and I was curious by posting this if I could get a sense on where Mr. Allen's spirtual views were at with respect to mine. If there is super great divergence then I need to have my "shield" up to make sure I am not going down a path that would lead me in conflict with my Lord and Savior.


Barbie Jane

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