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Funny thing happened yesterday ... I just bought an audio verison of Stephen Covey's "7 Habits of Successful People" from because they were have a $9.95 sale. I made a CDROM version for my listening to in my 4Runner between home and work. I put in the first one and tried to listen to it on the way to work. I was only half listening because I was distracted thinking about all the stuff that had to happen during the course of the day and I could tell something was "strange" about the flow of the material. I thought mabye I had a bad CDROM copy because stuff seemed to be skipping around. But I got to work before I had much of a chance to verify my theory. On the way home, the same thing was happening. It wasn't until about half way through the trip home that I looked over at the CD player really close and I noticed that the CD player was in RANDOM mode. :-)

I have been out of it lately with my weblog reading ... I am absolutely shocked at all the bad feelings and personal attacks on Dave Winer for his decision to shut down a free service that was dragging his own personal resources down. Amazing ... [google news]