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May 2004 Canon i9900 Photo Printer looks like via technical specs to be a very good home picture inkjet printer (suppose to be shipping in USA on 15May04). Only thing I don't like is that it appears to have no built-in Ethernet or WiFi options.

A while back my son Conrad and I were checking stuff out a Fry's Electronics, and I took a quick picture of a refrigerator that had booted into Windows Safe Mode (the touch screen didn't appear to work in safe mode which might be a problem if that is the only user interface option).

I recently went to Road Runner Sports (luckily I live in San Diego and can go to their store) and got some new running shoes (GEL Kayano X). I had been developing a little bit of discomfort in my left foot so I also did a gate analysis and found I was running in the right type of shoes. So, I guess my old shoes had just reached the point of replacement. One of the new things I was told during my analysis, was that "typically" running shoes need about 30 hours to "recooperate" from a run and completely go back to "full support mode." So, I either need to get another pair of shoes for back-to-back running days or start doing an every other day routine.

One of the things I have been recently "hacking" or "learning" is to play the harmonica. I started this effort about two years ago, but only more seriously since January. I just did my first upgrade from a "cheap" Hohner Blues Band in C ($5 - made in China) to a Hohner Special 20 in C ($19 - made in Germany) and a Lee Oskar Major Diatonic in A ($20 - made in Japan modified in U.S.A). The sounds from the harmonicas are signficantly better, my ability still needs some work.