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Phil Windley's Mesh Networks and OnStar posts reminded me of a thought I had recently driving home from work. Wouldn't it be cool if "smart" cars could communicate with each other on current speeds, and this "mesh" could tell you when traffic slowed on the highway when it might be speeding back up.

Another idea would be cars communicating where they got gas at last (location) and at what price. So as your car got low on gas it could query the knowledgebase and see if there is a place near by with "lower" price gas.

In the not too distant future, I am predicting that "personal" RFID solutions will enable me to not forget the things I need to take with me every day to work. I am constantly loading up for work and forgetting my pager, cellphone, lunch, coffee container, gym bag, etc. And it personally drives me nuts that I can't remember to bring all my "stuff" with me on a regular basis. Right now this market is just getting started thanks to Walmart and UPS/Fedex in the business world (vertical?), but look out for horizontal (mainstream?) applications.