D-Day 70 Years Later - June 6, 1944


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DOD LIVE - "WWII Veteran Returns to the Field of Battle"

Very interesting video from DOD LIVE on YouTube entitled: "WWII Veteran Returns to the Field of Battle." (Published on Jan 7, 2013)

The summary:

Cdr. Gerard Woelkers didn't grow up as a military brat, but he is the son of a World War II veteran. By taking orders to Germany, Woelkers is taking the opportunity to learn about his father's service and helping Frederick Woelkers close the book on this chapter in his life.

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New World War Two Book Examines D-Day Spying

David Ignatius at the Washington Post has a new book review article entitled "DOUBLE CROSS The True Story of the D-Day Spies by Ben Macintyre".

The book details the intelligence efforts of the Germans and the counter-intelligence moves by the British as D-Day planning started and then ultimately was launched.

Other reviews can be found at: CBS.com, New York Times, and the San Francisco Chronicle.