Museum of Sound (from: David Pescovitz)
Animation director improves Polar Express characters (from: Mark Frauenfelder)

TSA's list of items you can and can't take on a plane (from: Mark Frauenfelder)

Mark Frauenfelder:Picture 1-4I like to bring nail clippers with me when I fly, because it drives me crazy when I get a hangnail and I don't have any way to clip it off. I usually end up ripping it off, which hurts.

On two occasions, TSA employees at the airport security screening area have taken my nail clippers away. They were ordinary nail clippers, no knives or scissors attached.

So I was surprised to see that nail clippers and nail files are not forbidden items, according to the TSA's own published list. You can also bring metal butter knives, knitting needles, blunt-tipped scissors, and toy weapons ("if not realistic replicas") in your unchecked baggage.

Maybe I'l bring a copy of this list with me the next time I travel. It might come in handy. Link


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