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Simple Service Discovery Protocol (SSDP) - Port 1900

In XP, the Simple Service Discovery Protocol (SSDP) discovery service
searches for Universal Plug and Play devices on your home network. SSDP searches
for upstream Internet gateways using UDP port 1900 - a potential security risk
many organizations will want to block. OK, you decide to block SSDP services but
to your surprise, your firewall and network sniffers continue to see the UDP
port 1900 packets. You have disabled XP's SSDP and even Universal Plug and Play
Device Host. Whats going on? This is Universal Plug and Play Network Address
Translation (NAT) traversal discovery used by Messenger. If you run a sniffer
trace, the following information is displayed in the data section of the packet:

SSDP: Uniform Resource
Identifier = *
SSDP: HTTP Protocol Version = HTTP/1.1
SSDP: Host =
SSDP: Search Target =
SSDP: Mandatory
Extension = "ssdp:discover"
SSDP: Maximum Wait = 3
XP's Windows
Messenger is attempting to communicate to an Internet host. To block Windows
Messenger's broadcasts:


Key: color=green>Software\Microsoft\DirectPlayNATHelp\DPNHUPnP

Name: UPnPMode


Value: 2 disabled
UPnPMode=2, Universal Plug and Play Network Address Translation (NAT) traversal
discovery does not occur.



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