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NORTHCOM reference-clearcube

Amos Auringer, senior SAIC here at NORTHCOM said that
Cheyenne used clearcube to resolve their roaming profile/fat client
compatibility issue. And that's about all that I understood. So, here is the web
site.  href="http://www.clearcube.com.  Let's">www.clearcube.com.   
Let's discuss if you think it interesting...I've also sent to others...


And I had a most INTERESTING day, sitting in on the final DP04 CSAM
(Commanders Situation Assessment Meeting, aka commander's morning brief.) Their
3 star, Gen'l Inge, Deputy Commander of NC was sitting in for 4 star. They are
quite efficient, but I was singularly transported back to PACAF 1989, when Gary
Ward (code 42) built a red/yellow/green stoplight ppt system for commanders'
updates. In other words, a component force view for relaying info has migrated
to joint level 15 years later. Very 1980's...However, their 4 star likes it that
way. Maj Clark, J623, of course, has a vision similar to ours and is building it
now...which by the way, is late and we will not see it for 2 more weeks.


I will sit in on hot wash ups tomorrow.


I have lots of notes...will talk to you on Friday...




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