Geneva under a thick blanket of ice -- CORRECTED (from: Cory Doctorow)
Ed Emberly products (from: Mark Frauenfelder)

Exeem without the adware (from: Cory Doctorow)

Cory Doctorow:If you want to play with eXeem, the distributed, MPAA-proofed BitTorrent aggregator, but don't want to acquire lots of adware and crapware, give Exeemlite a try. From the Infoanarchy post:
Exeemlite client is out. It removes the adware, but is a version behind the latest eXeem release. The latest release is out of private beta, but on the surface of it, the current version of exelite is not. Not to fear. Just close the popup asking for a serial, and off you go (ie. requiring the serial feature has been neutered, along with the adware.)

Note that you can manually unistall the adware from the latest oficial release, but when you restart eXeem, it _helpfuly_ reinstalls the adware (cydoor I think...)



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