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Quantum Cryptography Network Debuts (from: Windley's Enterprise Computing Weblog)

Half of Cell Phones Will Be RFID-Enabled by 2009 (from: Roland Piquepaille's Technology Trends)

Three months ago, Nokia introduced the first RFID phone kit (check "RFID Coming to a Cell Phone Near You" for more). Now, in "Developing RFID-Enabled Phones," RFID Journal says a new report from ABI Research predicts that within 5 years, 50% of cell phones will include RFID chips to use Near Field Communication (NFC), a two-way technology. Here is how you'll use it. While walking down the street, you'll see a poster for a movie you want to see. By pointing your phone at the poster, you will be connected to a website, buy the ticket and be charged through the credit card information stored in your smart phone. Of course, other usages might severely affect your privacy. But as the technology is already being tested, I guess we'll have to deal with it. []