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Teeny tiny meshcube

Source: Simon Spagnoletti

The new world record for fastest text messaging

Source: Peter Rojas

BA24 WiFi antenna replacement

Source: Simon Spagnoletti

BenQ FP231W 23-Inch Wide Screen LCD Monitor

benq_fp231w.jpg imageThe only bad thing I can say about BenQ's new FP231W large-screen LCD monitor is that my video card might not have the polygonal prowess needed to pump out 1,920 by 1,200 pixels worth of videogame. However, if there were one sitting on my desk here -- and I'm cleaning off a little spot, actually, just so it knows that it would be welcome to stay over -- I would take the 23-inch, 16ms flat panel and a favorite game and try. Sure, we might drop some frames here and there, "chug" some of you kids call it, but we'd be trying something new together, which is beautiful, really, and although it might be a little awkward at first, I'm sure we'd both learn to make it work.
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Source: Gizmodo