Recommendation - Family & Kid Camping In San Diego Area

Yesterday, I went with Conrad's 3rd grade class on a field trip to Indian Hills - a family and kids camp in East San Diego County. 

I took a ton of video and I plan to build them a little DVD scrapbook. 

But I was really impressed with the facilities and the things to do.  Check out the link above if you are interested.

Brewery Recommendation: Mad Anthony in Warsaw, Indiana

I am working through my stack of stuff to blog about and I am up to my endorsement of a great brewery in the Warsaw, Indiana area:

Mad Anthony's Lake City Tap House

113 East Center Street, Warsaw, Indiana 46580


We had a great dinner there, amazing microbrews, and a great cover band called The Fabulous Rhythm Kids was on stage for several hours. They played some very good rock and blues covers.

Book Reviews: Dead Sea Scrolls, Google, Freemasonry

I finished reading several potentially interesting books during our recent family vacation trip to Vashon Island, WA:

I really have to recommend the Fields book on the Dead Sea Scrolls.  It is very well documented and historically interesting - plus it has some great pictures.  Part of the Dead Sea Scrolls are on display in San Diego (through December 2007) which is the main reason I picked up the book.

The Google book is also recommended for those interested in technology, Internet history, and business & organizational ideas.  I personally only had a minor understanding of the history, technologies, and personalities related to Google so I found this book very interesting.

The Freemasonry book was entertaining but nothing spectacular.  I enjoyed it because my father and his father were Masons, and I learned a lot about what they probably went through.  The background history was interesting and I enjoyed the humor of the author.


Good Geek Birthday Presents

I got some great birthday presents today (Thanks family!):

The Logitech Wireless Music System has been un-boxed but not installed.  Not sure how it will work with Vista.  Hopefully I'll have time to play with it tomorrow

The MindManager 7 upgrade is great.  I was in the Beta program and find it a great improvement over version 6, and more in-line with the Windows version minus the Microsoft Office integration.

The QuietPoint headphones are excellent.  They might be better than the Bose QuietComfort 2s I use to have before they were stolen. I've only used them around the office and in the jury waiting room today.  They worked great.  No airflight test yet. Maybe by the end of the month I can comment on that experience.

Stupid DRM Photos From JC Penny

I was shocked to learn that our 2006 family and kids Christmas pictures we took at JCPenny have digital rights management (DRM) features that makes it relatively impossible to scan into a visually usable graphics file using a recently purchased scanner.

When I scan them on my HP C3100 I end up with a grainy, very unattractive picture.  I was getting all mad at the scanner for sucking until I read the back of the pictures with the following warning: "Kodak Professional Endura Paper - Professional Images Are Copyright Protected - Do Not Copy."

Darn right frustrating! :-(

If there is a DIY hack, please let me know.  I'm off to investigate, and I'll keep you posted.

Recommended - Hersehey Felder as George Gershwin Alone

Christy and I got to have dinner last night at our favorite Chinese food restaurant Szechwan Mandarin (San Diego), and see The Old Globe's production of Hershey Felder as George Gershwin Alone.  It was great!  Mr. Felder is extremely talented and passionate about his work.  It runs through Oct. 22, 2006.

I noticed on a few George Gershwin works available for sampling.  Also this 'official site' has a great deal of content, and Wikipedia is a good source also.

[SDH - search seems a little unresponsive at the time of this post.]

Child Safety Flier from

George Starcher at Kevin Devin's In The Trenches podcast created the following Internet Kids Safetly Flier (in PDF format) document for members and listeners of to distribute: 

We have noticed an increase in issues with children and the Internet. Cyberbullying, various rammifications of social networks like My Space etc. Several of our members also have young children who are using the Internet more and more. So we have assembled a flier for parent education. The flier contains various sites and information to help parents educate themselves on the issues today’s children face online. Friends in Tech is providing the compiled information on the flier as a guide to resources on the Internet. Different sites may be more appropriate to your children based on age and issues they face. We hope at least some of them provide the information suitable to your family needs. All logos, descriptions, links and information are copyright of their respective owners.

Click the thumbnail of the flier below to download the PDF:

Child Safety Flier

Light Posting - Heavy Tagging

Sorry for the light posting.  I've been really swamped.  It is good to be professionally and personally swamped. I don't feel overwhelmed.  Just busy.

I have been come quite a fan of over the last couple of weeks.

Since I use about four different Internet accessible computers during my average day, I was having link history and data repository issues.  I noticed an extension for for Firefox and that has been the catalyst for using it.  How do you use