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Sunday, April 11, 2010


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Tim Bourquin

Nice review Steve. Just might push me over the fence to get one myself!

Steve Holden

Tim -- Thanks! This could also be a very vertical savvy tool for the financial business markets and as a teaching tool for those areas.

Steve Holden

Another good document reader viewer appears to be Memeo Connect Reader for Google Docs ... it will also read Microsoft Office, PDF files, and native Apple iWorks. If they add editing support this product will be big!

Steve Holden

John Grubber's iPad review (4/7/2010) has some details worth reading on why Safari has issues browsing:

Steve Holden

My friend Jason @ has his one week review of the iPad


Thanks for the great review. You touched on a lot of topics I was curious about. If you do track down addition information about using remote desktop features, I'd be very interested in knowing more about that. As you noted before, the potential in that area is huge.

Steve Holden

Jim ... Thanks ... I haven't tried any of the remote desktop features. Mostly because I'm cheap and they all seem to cost money. I do think I might do a paper analysis to see if I can narrow down which one might be best to try out first.

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