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Tablet PC Update - Switching to Toshiba

Baby Link Frest - In Top Ten Style

My top ten links for Sunday night ...

  1. Skype developer resources announced
  2. Microsoft takes on Photoshop (I use: Paint.NET, ArtRage, & Picassa2 also ...)
  3. Billy Graham is coming to New York City
  4. Technorati gets major improvements
  5. Watch out for Nokia to take on Apple iPod
  6. Rewriting podcasting wikipedia details without Dave Winer is a crime
  7. TabletPC Reviews: HP TC4200, ThinkPad X41, Fujitsu T4010,
  8. Jabber has new collaboration software available for developers and integrators
  9. FireANT is a Windows XP-based video RSS client and viewer that has a lot of bloggers talking about it
  10. Eric Rice gives you "How To Build A 10-Minute Podcast"


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