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New 3 x 5 Card Template For Data Capture and Reference

One of the primary ways I have been capturing data into "my system" is using 3 x 5 index cards (sort of Hipster style) and then inputting them if needed into my Moleskine

This is because I've found that a lot of actions I have been grabbing by 3 x 5 cards are done within 24 hours, and then I'd have a lot of not so useful information in my Moleskine if everything went directly in to that.  Plus, I like to take time to write nice into the Moleskine so it is readable, so my 3 x 5 cards can be more scribbles.

So, then during my weekly review I decide if the data that is in my Moleskine or 3 x 5 cards not migrated to Moleskine needs to migrate into Microsoft Outlook where I can get to it digitally on my laptop (HP Compaq nw8000) and/or tablet (HP TC1100); and cellphone/pda (Nokia 6630).  [Do I need a flow chart or does this make any sense?]

I have a standard personal template that I try to use to help keep me focused vice a blank 3 x 5 index card.  Here is a pointer to the Word document template I created to share with others: Download YY_MM-Name_Index_Card.doc (43.5K).  It is my goal to print a new one of these very Sunday before the beginning of the work week.

The basic outline is on side one (entitled "<your name> INDEX CARD"):

  • Weekly Planning
  • To Do List
  • Calendar Reference
  • Future Schedule
  • Contacts

On side two (entitled "Dream, Plan, Organize, Act, Evaluate"):

  • Values
  • Personal Mission
  • Roles
  • Long Range Goals
  • Inspiration
  • Notes/References

It would be great to find a good consistent way to get the DIY Planner stuff to print out on 3 x 5 cards but I haven't had much luck with those.

Also ... all this tinkering has been inspired by 43Folders and Getting Things Done (Getting) by David Allen.  Both are excellent resources.

NOTE: I print my templates out pretty well (ie. with out many errors) using my trusty home HP LaserJet 5MP.  I know other printers could cause problems.  Good luck.


Veda Florez

HI Steve,

I was randomly searching 3 x 5 cards and I ran across your blog. Wow, very cool! I love using 3x5 cards. I carry them with me always. I think I'll use the template but probably tweek it a little. For work I'll keep these project oriented to take to meeting and what-not.

I especially like the "inspiration". I'm always coming up with what I think is an inspirational thought and many times by the time I come to write it in my planner, it's gone away.

Now I just need to find avery cards to actually print on.

Best regards,



Veda ... Glad you like the template. To be honest since I posted this I've moved away from printing these 3x5 cards out for the week. I still use 3x5 cards to as my first line of capture but by the end of the day if I haven't processed/done them I write them in my moleskine. - Steve

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