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The Written Word Thread (Kawasaki, Scoble, Windley)

An interesting pattern emerged over the last week relating to books. 

On my trip to DC last week I started to read my complimentary and signed copy of Guy Kawasaki's "The Art of the Start."  I had sent in a couple of ideas to Guy after he posted awhile back on his mailing list looking for thoughts.  I was shocked when he said he wanted to send me a copy of this book as a thank you for what I considered to be very limited input, and then I was really shocked after I started to read the introduction (page vii) and my name was listed in the thank you section.

The book is very good so far (I am on page 66).  I am underlining things to do, and jotting notes into my TabletPC to remember thoughts of interest.  As someone in an established organization trying to "transform" and implement emerging technology, Guy has made sure to cover this area in the book, as well as covering areas for the complete bleeding edge entrepreneur.

Robert Scoble is also reading this book right now, and he is apparently going to be writing a 'blogging for business' book via a blog in the future [Link #1, #2, #3].

And one of my favorite weblogers Phil Windley announced recently that he just finished writing a book on digital identity management, and he is also doing a podcast now.


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