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Intranet (ie. Private) Podcast

I couldn't stand not being part of this trend. So, I downloaded Audacity ('simple' Windows audio recorder) and hooked up my Plantronics headset on my system at home and did my first podcast. No fancy music intros or mixing - just plain audio voice.

It is for work so it isn't publically releasable. I publish a series of internal Technology and Information Assurance (IA) newsletters, and I just commented on (5-MB MP3) on the latest IA alerts.

So far the feedback has been very positive.


Dave Varga

Steve, you mentioned that you published mp3s that were internal, to ... an RSS feed?

If so, how can you protect those mp3s? I am asking because I would like to set up podcasting/RSS applications for our company, but it appears once I publish, anyone outside of the company could easily search and find our audio files.

wondering in
Jersey City

Steve Holden

Dave ... those podcasts (no longer being produced) were protected using network access. Many sites at my work can not be accessed from the Internet. Only hosts that have been validated inside the Firewall have access to the podcasts.

This post was in 2004 (wow almost 3 years ago) there are now many ways to protect an RSS feed with a password.

I haven't done this myself but I'd start searching for a solution via:


I know that Manager-Tools.com is doing this with their premium content. And Daivd Allen does this with his GTD Connect service.

Good luck!


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