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First Podcast - Tech Rag Tear Outs (TRTO)

I create a prototype podcast that I am considering doing on a regular basis. Right now it is pretty raw and needs technical production help. It is also missing a key ingredient like a conversation between two or more people instead of a monolog. Feedback is greatly appreciated.

It it tentatively called "Tech Rag Tear Outs (TRTO)" and the basis for the show is that I read a lot of technology magazines and rip out articles that look interesting to pass on to others at work.  So, this podcast is a verbalization of those tear outs. 

Target audience would probably be information technology (IT) professionals and some home technology power users. The things discussed in this version (from these sources: Federal Computer Week, Network World, Mobile Enterprise, Information Week, PC Magazine, PC World):

  • Traveling Wi-Fi
  • Smart Phones
  • Media Center
  • GPS Watch
  • Blinkx
  • Apple Xserver cluster
  • Dell Ultralight
  • Eizo and HP LCDs
  • Client Firewall/IDS/Policy software
  • Hughes' satellite VPN
  • Microsoft & Polycom collaboration
  • New storage products (Cisco, Network Appliance, Microsoft, & Overland Data)
  • Army looking for Microsoft professionals
  • XenoVision

I think I created a good ipodder subscription XML link: http://sholden.typepad.com/weblog/audio.xml. I used Audacity to record the audio and build the MP3.  I am a Windows user, so I am interested in any potentially better tools (Nero?).

UPDATE: This file has been archived offline.  Send me email if you want it.



I can't get a subscription to your podcast. I have tried iPodder and iPodderX. I added the feed you linked above and they get your information from it but they both say there is nothing to get. I wonder if I'm doing something wrong? I am listening to the cast via your direct mp3 link though.

I'm not used to you talking so much ;)

Steve Holden

Richard - I put the url: "http://sholden.typepad.com/weblog/audio.xml" into my copy of iPodder on Windows and it works ... ;-). I guess the Windows version is more superior.

I think Dann Sheridan got it to download aok using iPodder and iPodderX on Macintosh.


Ok, I tried iPodderX again and this time it put your mp3 into "Steve Holden's Tech Rag Tear Outs" playlist. Very cool.

Hey you just got some email ... something about IPSec... ;)

I would offer you some sound apps, but all my stuff is Mac based (of course). I'm sure Dan's got that angle covered, also :)

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